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Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Steve Johnson
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Alex and I got married in 2015. We had the typical Pinterest DIY wedding that was so popular at the time. I hand painted several rustic signs for our wedding day and had several people encourage me to start making signs to sell. However I didn’t feel I had the time to take on a new project while being newly married and trying to establish my career in education.

In 2017, our son Judah was born one month premature and ended up in NICU for several weeks.

I was struggling with postpartum anxiety from a traumatic pregnancy and birth experience, but with the help of a counsellor, figured out that a creative outlet would be a great way to work through my feelings. I was on maternity leave and desperately wanted to find something productive to do outside of motherhood, so I came up with the idea to start Pine + Wine – my first business - offering only sign painting parties.

In our first two years we painted over 1500+ signs with people and loved every minute of it.

When COVID hit we had to change our business structure completely. We were no longer able to offer our paint parties but instead started offering custom orders. We have had the amazing opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients creating a variety of custom, one of a kind, hand crafted pieces.

In 2021 we had the joy of welcoming Alex's mom, Irene, onto the team. She has helped us create systems that have allowed us to increase our output and in 2022 we decided as family to go all in.

We want Moulton Designs to be a family run business that allows us the freedom and flexibility to pour into our family and friends all while creating beautiful pieces for our clients. We are excited to offer our customers a variety of services such as hand painted signs, custom pieces, home decor, furniture and a finishing service.


We are honoured to be working with you and want to thank you for supporting our business!

We are excited to see what the future brings for Moulton Designs.


Laura, Alex and Irene


Laura Moulton
Owner, Social Media Manager, Chief Delegator

I was born and raised in South Africa and grew up on a beautiful 1000 acre guest farm. We immigrated to Canada just before my 12th birthday. Some of my youngest memories are helping my parents with the variety of different businesses they've successfully run over the years. I guess you could say I have entrepreneurship in my blood. However, my first priority and love is being a wife to Alex and a mom to Judah and Ruby. Spending time with them and my extended family is what brings me the most joy.

Alex Moulton
Co-owner, Woodworker Extraordinaire, Mess Maker

Growing up in Williams Lake, B.C. some of my earliest memories are working with my Dad doing everything from odd jobs around the house, helping him repair and rebuild R.V.'s to building out buildings on the property in Mcleese Lake. It was then my love for wood working began. After marrying the love of my life in Williams Lake, we moved to the East Kootenays to be closer to her family and help with their different businesses. In our first couple of years in Cranbrook, Laura started painting signs as a creative outlet and I picked up a few tools to help her expand and optimize her process. Since then we have started creating many, one of a kind pieces of decor and furniture together. I'm very fortunate to get to work beside Laura everyday, both getting to do the things we enjoy.

Irene Moulton
Jill of all trades, Finance Manager, Shop Mess Cleaner Upper

I moved to the east Kootenay's July 2020 to spend time with my children and grandchildren. After many wonderful years living in and exploring central BC, the Okanagan and the Shuswap, it has been exciting to be able to do the same in this region with all the breathtaking mountains and rolling foot hills. My joys and passions are motor bike riding, hiking and being creative. Joining the Moulton Designs family business has allowed me to delve into the exciting world of wood working and providing support in the DIY workshops that this family business offers. It has given me limitless opportunities to keep creating and learning new things. I am truly blessed and look forward to working, not only with my children, but with every person that we meet along the way on this venture. 

Judah & Ruby Moulton
Apprentice Mess Makers, Entrepreneurs In Training

Judah and Ruby are a big motivator for us when it comes to grinding it out with a home based business.

We want to instill good work ethic in our kids and have them involved in our business/passions.

Although things might take a little longer and be a little messier having them involved, the lessons being taught are worth it - Hands down!

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